Welcome to in the Gym with Mr. Neale

Dear Families,

I am eagerly looking forward to learning together with your child in the upcoming school year. Physical activity provides children opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction. Increased physical fitness improves heart/lung function, reduces body fat and decreases the risk of disease associated with unhealthy lifestyles. Aerobic activity can also increase vigour and promote clear thinking. Research has clearly shown that Involvement in physical activity positively affects learning in all subject areas.

The goal of the P.E. program is to have every student experience success.
In the gym, competition with others is not stressed, rather, trying your best and working on improving your own skills and fitness is emphasized. Participation, attitude and effort are the key components of being successful. Student’s expectations are to follow oral directions, participate to the best of their ability, show good sportsmanship, use appropriate safety skills, and to respect others. Good sportsmanship and teamwork, are very important not only in the gym but in real life situations too.

You can support your child’s success by making sure they come prepared to fully participate on P.E. days. While students in grades 1-3 are not expected to change for P.E., they should wear clothing that allows freedom of movement and keeps them comfortable in the physical education setting. If your daughter wears a skirt or dress to school it is suggested that she brings shorts to wear underneath. Students in grades 4 and above are expected to have a change of clothing.
Safe shoes are extremely important for physical activity. Shoes should have non-slip soles without heels. Shoes should fit securely on the feet (tie, velcro etc.). Slip-on shoes (flip-flops, sandals,) are not appropriate for P.E. Students are not allowed to go barefoot for safety reasons. No dangling jewellery, necklaces, bracelets or earrings should be worn in the gym also for safety reasons.

If there ever is a time when your child cannot participate due to injury or illness please send a note to the school so that I am aware of the circumstances and can program for your child.
For any further information you may want to know about what we are doing in P.E. class or information about intramurals, teams, or events, please feel free to checkout or subscribe to the website, “In the Gym with Mr. N” (https://bneale.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/), or follow our twitter feed at @bertneale .

By working together to encourage fitness and healthy choices, we will be able to help your child enjoy a lifetime of being physically active.

Mr. Neale